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07•07•14 Fire Season Has Arrived

This is not the image you want to shoot from your studio window. We had a 750 acre fire out our canyon that started Sunday after the 4th. Thankfully all structures were saved. Huge thank you to all the fire fighters, pilots, and police department that worked their tails off for 36 crazy hours.

07•02•14 Sheet Metal / Lifestyle

Screen shot 2014-07-15 at 8.23.20 AM
Finally fit in a couple lifestyle shoots I’ve been wanting to do with great looking people and cool autos. Here is a sneek peek- Enjoy!

06•27•14 BVK / Adventist Ads

First ad out for BVK and their client Adventist……stay tuned more to come.

06•18•14 Nashville Moto Shoot

OK I’ll say it. Nashvegas is growing on me. It’s vibe is brewing insanely creative people and launching lots of unique ideas/visions. I’m loving it.

Had a day off from my film shoot in Nashville last week to do my own thing and I was psyched to pull off some personal work. After making a bunch of phone calls, a few stops at Barista Parlor, motorcycle shops, and meeting some helpful people along the way, I got a few hours with Jimmy from Moto Moda and Randy a local musician, both enthusiasts through and through. The imagery came a out great. Looking forward to shooting more on my next visit to town. Check out the whole shoot at Kielphoto

06•16•14 Sneaking out with The Weeks

The Weeks
Scheduling a window of time out of the studio isn’t easy but it was well worth the effort to shoot The Weeks’ Bonnaroo performance. I tacked on an extra two days and traveled the south capturing more footage and classic moments for my documentary Thick as Thieves. Looking forward to having it on deck this spring.

06•10•14 Team Kiel in Milwaukee with BVK

Screen shot 2014-07-15 at 8.28.27 AM
We spent the week shooting for the gang at BVK for their client Adventist. Had a great shoot, worked around the weather, and made some killer ads and a :30 TV spot to go along with it. Huge thank you to Team Kiel, our local production crew, and the talent. Appreciate all the hard work and effort. Stay tune for the ads posted on the blog.

05•28•14 Heyrocco Music Video

Back in March when Team Kiel was on the Mississippi road tour with The Weeks, the band Heyrocco was one of the two opening acts during their tour. Their management asked if we would film their set each night, for a possible music video. They are doing a big UK launch with their label this summer and this music video will be part of their campaign. They’re a great group of talented guys from one of my all time favorite towns, Charleston, SC. Check them out when you have time.

05•18•14 Garden and Gun Article

Screen shot 2014-05-22 at 2.33.41 PM
Inside this month’s Garden and Gun magazine is a piece I shot in February in The Keys with some of the greatest saltwater fly fishing guides in the world. Love working with the gang at G&G, always getting to shoot something creative and interesting, big thanks to them.

05•12•14 Back to Avery Island

Spring is here and it was time for Team Kiel to shoot for Tabasco. We are in the mist of a two year project for them shooting motion content, creating short films and commercials for their brand. We got to play with some cool toys on this round, a Movi and an Octocopter, which made for some great footage. Big thanks to everyone at Team Kiel for working their tails off sun up to sun down for 5 days. Looking forward to finishing up the post work on this project.

04•30•14 Nola Jazz Fest

Always good to be back in New Orleans for Jazz Fest, a pilgrimage my wife and I make every year. This place breathes soul. True to form, we ate way to much great food, listened to incredible musicians, soaked in the rich culture, laughed a ton and got our groove on. I even caught up with my good buddy Jonathan Chapman for dinner while I was in town-

Until next year, NOLA!

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