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07•14•12 Argentina to Whistler- Life in the Fast Lane

This may have been one of my favorite shoots, EVER.

The synergy of team/client/agency, the local ground crew we worked with, the dynamic remote locations (glaciers, raging rivers, rugged rock fields), along with the “ALL IN” attitude of our crew made for a seamless production. Needless to say, the real hero is my producer, Hilary, because despite the job being signed off on and approved months prior, our client had to move our entire production from Argentina to Whistler literally 2 weeks before the shoot!

One funny side note is that because of the late change in location, accommodations were tricky due to 20,000 people coming into town for a TOUGH MUDDER competition… As a result our Team Kiel crew stayed in a huge condo and hired a chef to cook for us for the week which we have never done before and it worked out great! We each had our own rooms, had client/agency over for dinner (so we weren’t battling the crowds when we wrapped at 9:30pm) and had a blast…

If you are ever shooting in Whistler:

Our phenomenal scout/location manager/life coach/head standing specialist was Wayne Flann (604.938.3850)

Our personal chef/ kitchen goddess/blissful baker was Alice Savage (604)848.9770