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03•24•15 Puerto Rico Bound

Next stop NYC->Puerto Rico.  This was one those projects you have to pinch yourself every day on set- ocean, warm air, sunshine, bare feet, double thumbs up.  We were in Puerto Rico shooting for Mullen and their client Pep Boys. Weeks of pre pro, Team Kiel, Mullen crew, and a killer local crew worked their tales off  to shoot 23 set ups in 5 days.  Can’t wait to get through all the images and footage.  We shot stills and motion on this project.  Unforgettable group of creatives from Mullen, we had lots of laughs, good times, and nailed the shoot.  It’s good when everyone heads home saying this was the best shoot they worked on and the best work they’ve created.  Big thanks to everyone that busted their butts for 9 days.