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02•17•12 John Deere - Film and Print Campaign

Here is our finalized  film/print campaign for John Deere Financial.  It was our second time working with Bader Rutter out of Milwaukee Wisconsin and our first job for John Deere.

We were hired to shoot 6 print ads and produce a 1 minute spot. We shot sunrise through sundown… froze our bones and drank way too much coffee but had a blast, nailed it and WE WERE ABLE TO GET IT DONE IN TWO DAYS!

It’s jobs like this that make me appreciate my team, how long we have all been together and how well we work together.

2011 was an incredible year for motion. EVERY client we shot a print campaign for I directed motion for…and I don’t see that changing. Companies need motion content. Whether we are shooting a full TV commercial or just a :30 second spot for their website… they are seeing the value of having seamless translation between their print ads and motion.