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02•10•15 Dodge Ram Shoot / Oregon Coast

Been dreaming up this shoot on the Oregon coast for a while…sheet metal, surfers, and amazing backdrops.  I’ve driven through this area on a few occasions and always wanted to find an excuse to get back.  Big drive from Sun Valley but 13 hours later we landed.  We wrangled a new Dodge truck from the dealership before we left, found our surfer when we got to town, and the toughest thing was deciding what crazy cool location to shoot because we didn’t have enough time to shoot them all.  We shot stills and motion.  The intention for the project was to walk away with a great set of images and :30 spot for Dodge.  We achieved both even though it rained constantly and blew sideways pretty much the whole trip.  All worth it.  Be on the look out for the images and motion spot soon.